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Our cats' photo was introduced to the corner of Tamatama Chin-Hyakkei
with Nanikore Chin-Hyakkei broadcast in TV Asahi on Wednesday, March 02, 2011
and was selected with the prize Tamatama Taishou.
The photograph can be seen with HP of the program. => TV Asahi Nanikore Chin-Hyakkei <= closed
It is possible to download it as a portable idle screen.

Tamatama Taishou たまたま大賞:Tamatama Taishou=Shizuku,Mame,Fuku(from left)

Shizu,Mame,Fuku Shizuku,Mame,Fuku(from left)

Fuku,Hina,Mame Fuku,Hinageshi,Mame(from left)

Shizu,Fuku,Hina Shizuku,Fuku,Hinageshi(from left)

Shizu,Hazu,Hina,Fuku Shizuku,Hazuki,Hinageshi,Fuku(from left)

Fuku,Mame Fuku,Mame(from left)

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